Sex techniques and tantric massage are ancient ways to achieve sexual ecstasy, tantric massage before sex that actually increases pleasure and pleasure for both partners and is also known for giving a healing touch to issues like frigidity or premature ejaculation.

Tantric massage

Tantric massage or sex techniques and tantric massage are different from other types of massage techniques; it specifically focuses on increasing sexual excitement and energy and maintaining desire even after orgasm by feeling the whole body for a happy mating. Sex techniques and tantric massage make use of feelings of touch, pressure, and friction in areas that are sexually seductive and seductive to arouse unfavorable desires for intense lovemaking. The energy that the tantric imparts permeates a person not to die after the first orgasm but leads him to a state where the mind and body desire more.

Tantric massage, or sex techniques and tantric massage, begins by joining the two partners physically and mentally. These techniques demonstrate any action by both partners that shed their doubts and shame. The best and easiest course of action is to shower together, help each other apply soap and then wipe the water from the body. Standing naked and helping with after shower actions like combing, creams etc.

The basics of tantric massage

The person who will get the massage will wear nothing and the masseuse is nothing more than an inner garment. Lie on a soft and comfortable mattress and take a suitable oil, put the oil bottle in hot water to make it warm. Let the person lie on their stomach and apply the oil generously to the shoulder blades. Gently rub and compress the upper back, lower back, thighs and calves. Turn your palms around the soles of the feet, run the big toes from the feet to the heels and run your hands around the ankles in a circle. Turn the person over and massage the shoulders, stomach, thighs and shin areas. Tantric massage or sex techniques and tantric massage suggest not touching the erotic part at this stage, this part is only to relax tense muscles and refresh them.

Now turn the guy over again and start kneading his ass after applying lots of oil. Launch your hands around the buttocks, sides and groin. Push the butt cheeks apart and let the oil run down the crack ass, run your fingers from the bottom edge up the butt crack and tease and tap the anal opening. Turn and massage the breast, focusing on the lower and upper breast area and cleavage, squeeze gently and pinch the nipple gently with your fingers or lips. While massaging the breasts creates movements that make them fall and vibrate, the movements of the breasts are evocative for women.

Get down and massage the inner thigh area close to her vagina, running your hands across her crotch from her pubic hair to the anus with the oil in your palms. Touch her clit and run your fingers gently across her crotch. If you massage your male partner gently rub his testicles and hold his penis from the base and slide your palms around their shaft to the ends. Repeat several times and let him reach the peak of his excitement. Tantric massage or sex techniques and tantric massage are ancient methods of rekindling passion and lust between partners by calming the distractions, anxieties and tensions of everyday life.