There are several different types of massage, and the same massage is often referred to by different names. Learn more about the different styles of massages available and which one is right for you.

Swedish Massage is a form of massage that is used

Swedish massage is the most common form of massage, and it’s a good place to start if it’s your first massage or you’re afraid it’ll hurt. Massage therapists use massage oils to stimulate smooth, gliding strokes across your body during Swedish massage. Under the covers, you are normally naked, but only the portion that is being massaged is revealed, so modesty is still upheld.

Massage for Relaxation

While a relaxation massage has health benefits, the massage therapist would most likely go at a slower pace to avoid any deeper work that might be uncomfortable. If you’re a beginner or sensitive to pain, or if you had a lot of deep work done the day before at a spa that provides regular massage, a relaxation massage is a good option.

Massage of the Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage employs many of the same motions and techniques as Swedish massage, but the practitioner will focus on the muscle and fascia’s deeper tissue structures (connective tissue). It’s also a more concentrated massage, as the practitioner focuses on releasing chronic muscle pain or adhesions, which are knots in the muscles. Many people anticipate an hour of constant pressure and discomfort from a deep tissue massage, but this is not the case.

Massage therapy is a form of massage that is used

This is yet another way of saying that the massage is intended to be relaxing and beneficial to one’s health. Therapeutic massage is a term used to differentiate it from “massage parlour” massage, which was the common image of massage in the 1960s. Therapeutic massage can also imply that the massage would be a little more intense than a simple relaxing massage.

Massage for the Whole Body

The majority of massages are full-body, which means the practitioner can massage your back, legs, arms, and neck. If you have a half-hour massage, you should have the doctor focus on a particular area that is bothering you. Because of an injury or chronic pain, a therapist may devote an entire hour to focusing on a particular area. “Spas” that look more like old massage parlours occasionally use signs for “full-body massage.”

Massage with essential oils

Aromatherapy massage is a Swedish or deep tissue massage in which the massage oil is mixed with essential oils like lavender, peppermint, or geranium to improve the mood and relieve pain. When the practitioner uses high-quality, therapeutic essential oils combined to address your particular need, aromatherapy massage is at its finest. In a commercial spa, this can be difficult to come by. You’re probably better off hiring a private massage therapist who specialises in aromatherapy.

Massage with Hot Stones

The use of smooth, rounded stones that have been heated in water in a hot stone massage is very common. The therapist may position the stones on your abdomen, hands, or back as an extension of his or her hand. When done correctly, hot stone massage is beneficial because it helps to warm up the muscles while still being very soothing. However, since hot stone massage necessitates a high level of expertise, the quality can vary greatly.

Massage for athletes

Athletes who need to keep their bodies in top shape and easily iron out any tension or injuries benefit from sports massage. Sports massage can help athletes prepare for competition, support their bodies during competition, and heal after an event. Sports massage, on the other hand, is beneficial to those suffering from chronic pain, illness, or limited range of motion. In most cases, the therapist focuses on a single problem area, which may be linked to sports such as golf or tennis.

Massage for two people

Couples massage is when two people are massaged in the same room by two separate practitioners at the same time. It may be a husband and wife, girlfriend and boyfriend, same-sex couples, mothers and daughters, or best friends. The venue can be anything from a small space with two tables to a lavish spa suite. During a couples massage, you have the option of talking or remaining silent.

Massage for Prenatal and Pregnancy

Prenatal massage, also known as pregnancy massage, helps expectant mothers relax, soothe nerves, and alleviate sore back and leg muscles. When the extra weight in your abdomen puts a strain on your back, pregnancy massage is particularly helpful in the second and third trimesters. Make sure the therapist has received special training before getting a pre-natal massage.