With our step-by-step massage video lessons you can easily learn the steps and give a great full body massage

Massage is considered a relaxing way to soothe a tired and tense body after the day’s trials. When you feel like you need a massage there are many different massage techniques you can try. These massages also include a full body massage. This body massage can be done with the masseuse, friends, or even loved ones. The main item needed is the belief that a full body massage will help relax muscles.

What Is a Full Body Massage?

A comfortable floor mat, firm sofa, massage table or even a massage chair where the person can stay while they are getting a full body massage is needed. A selection of body lotions or essential oils to promote a sense of well-being can also be used in a full body massage. To prepare for a full body massage, you have to make sure that you are wearing loose clothing or you can have a bath towel wrapped around your body where you don’t want the body massage to be done. Lie down on the massage table comfortably and try to relax. People who are going to do a full body massage should apply some lotion or essential oil to their hands. Slowly but firmly begin to apply a kneading motion along the sides of the spine. Work up towards the neck. The kneading motion should be done with the thumb but the amount of pressure should be light. From the neck the full body massage can be continued back down the body towards the pelvis or you can give your arms, neck and shoulders a good massage.

Full Body Massage Near Me

For your neck and shoulders use a circular kneading motion. You can use your fingers and thumbs to work each loose tension knot. From this point on you move up the upper arm. You have to rotate the arm in a clockwise motion. This will promote the blood that is in your upper arm to move more efficiently. Your upper arms can have the benefit of a full body massage when you use your fingertips to knead the biceps.

After you are done giving your upper body a full body massage it is time to head to the feet. You have to concentrate on each part one by one. This means that when you give your feet a massage it can start at the top of the thigh and work up to the knee. Your thighs should have the same kneading motion as your back but the pressure can be a little more difficult. You can also use the flat part of your hand to knead the thighs and sides of your feet. Full Body Massage: When the top of the feet has had the oil rubbed deep inside you should move to the calf and ankle Full Body Massage. By this time your whole body has received the relaxing benefits of a full body massage. This massage is the best way to achieve relaxation. Thank you for reading this page, we hope it was interesting and informative for you, please visit this page again for new information on this topic and other related